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Nutty Buddy, Inc. warrants that the NuttyBuddy is free from defects and will reduce the risk of injury during normal playing conditions. These warranties of merchantability and fitness DO NOT apply if: (1) the NuttyBuddy does not fit properly or is worn incorrectly, (2) the NuttyBuddy is not consistently stored in a cool, dark location when not being used, (3) it is after one year from the date of purchase, or (4) is used in any way other than that for which it was designed.  Please inspect the NuttyBuddy for damage before each use and do not use if damaged in any way.

If the NuttyBuddy is proven to the satisfaction of Nutty Buddy, Inc. to be defective, Nutty Buddy, Inc. will refund the cost of the product.  Nutty Buddy, Inc. shall not be liable for any consequential or other damages in connection with the use of this product.Your browser may not support display of this image.


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  1. To wear correctly, first put on mid-thigh brief or compression shorts.


  1. Put on a normal jock over the top of the briefs or shorts.


  1. Place the NuttyBuddy™ athletic cup BETWEEN the brief and jock.

(This will allow it to "float" with the movement of your body) 

Items Required:

  1. NUTTYBUDDY Athletic Cup
  2. Mid-thigh briefs or compression shorts
  3. Regular jock (DO NOT USE A POUCH OR SNAP-IN JOCK)

At NuttyBuddy, we have stocked quality compression shorts, briefs and jocks made to be worn with your NuttyBuddy. To see product line and to order go to:

PRODUCT RETURN/EXCHANGES POLICY (no Refunds/Exchanges after 30 days)

Battle Sports Science, Attention NuttyBuddy Return, 13747 F St, Omaha, NE 68137

Please make sure your contact information is in the package or a copy of your invoice with note to exchange or refund.  Refund on product only.

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