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Testimonials & Customer Reviews






Chuck Stein

OSHAA Umpire


I'll tell you what,
I gave this baby a real workout last night as I was on the receiving end of a missed sign from the catcher.

Behind the plate, with the count 0-2, the catcher signals for a "Curve Down and Away" from the right handed batter.
The pitcher must have seen "Fast Ball Down and In". On the pitchers release, the catcher drives to the right, leaving me exposed.
The one hopper caught me right in your product. When I opened my eyes, the only thing missing was the pain.
After a few minutes, to check alignment and such, it was simply amazing to realize, hey, no pain. 
This is all that you told me it was. I would have never been able to finish the game had I been wearing a conventional "Banana Cup". 

I have cc'd Honig's Whistle Stop (where I bought it) so they know how good a product this is, and they can recommend it with 100% confidence.
If the boys are ever put in a predicament like this, this Nutty-Buddy needs to be there for protection.

Thanks again for a great product.

Chuck S.
OSHAA Umpire


Paul Schlanger

-Owner, Bar Down Lacrosse

Goffstown, NH

The NuttyBuddy line has been extremely well received by our customers.  Within hours of getting them online we were already placing Fill In orders to ensure we had sufficient inventory.  Feedback from Lacrosse players has been that the fit, comfort, and protection is above and beyond anything they've previously worn.  Players of all ages are saying the same thing - This is the most comfortable cup/supporter they've ever tried.  Based on this overwhelmingly positive reception by our customers this is the only cup/supporter that we are carrying.  

Paul Schlange
Owner, Bar Down Lacrosse


Scott Fitzgerald

-Manager of Arcadia Sports

Phoenix, AZ


When approached by Mark Littell about carrying the NuttyBuddy line, I must be honest, I was very skeptical. In the past we generally carried whatever cups and supporters were the cheapest, as that was what we thought customers wanted. However, to my surprise, our customers’ demand for superior fit, comfort, and concern about groin protection has really surprised me. They have been willing to pay a little more for a product that is quickly earning the reputation as superior. I have not been able to keep the NuttyBuddy in stock, each order I have placed has grown significantly, and I still keep selling out faster than expected. The NuttyBuddy line has been an exceptional addition to our product line, and its turn and profit margins are so good, we have now eliminated all of the competing lines we carried from our product mix. Keep up the good work.




Scott Fitzgerald

Manager of Arcadia Sports

Hunter Miller Phoenix, AZ


My name is Hunter Miller and I am a freshman baseball player at Grand Canyon University.   Earlier in the year I had the unfortunate experience of having a cup break during a game. I was catching a right handed pitcher with a fastball velocity of about 85-88 mph. The hitter attempted to bunt but foul tipped the ball in the perfect spot to where I had no time to react. The ball hit me and I immediately fell to the ground. 
The pain that I felt from this was excruciating and i do not wish this on anyone.  I finished out my day catching bullpens from my knees and when I got to the clubhouse I saw that my right testicle had swelled up to the size of a baseball.  I had surgery to get it removed and now I have to live with that for the rest of my life.  
After this happened I went out and bought a nutty buddy cup.  When I first tried out the cup I knew it was better than the one I had been previously using.  Every ball that I take off of it does not hurt and I am not worried about having that happen again.
Thank you nutty buddy for making a great product and I recommend it to baseball players of all ages, skill levels, and position. Definitely cant go wrong with a nutty buddy. So make the change before its to late.


Jon Chase Scottsdale, AZ I purchased the Nutty Buddy less than 2 years ago and have not had a chance to test it out, thank god, up until this past weekend.  As a pitcher for slow pitch softball and playing in many tournaments, I have not had a ball come back at me until this past Saturday.  I was playing in a tournament out in Gilbert, AZ and the ball came off the bat the quickest I have seen in a while and hit me in the nutty buddy.  I did not feel any pain, so the Nutty Buddy did live up to it's name.  I continued to play, much to everyone's surprise as you could hear the sound all over the park when it made contact.  I did have a lot of people come up to me and ask if I was fine and if I was in pain and I told them no and they asked what cup I was using and I said the Nutty Buddy.  They all were believers at that point.  Trophy
Slow Pitch Softball
Bill Pearlman Suffern, NY
My name is Bill Pearlman and my 13 year old son was constantly complaining about wearing a protective cup because of the discomfort. He Plays baseball, martial arts, wrestling and has played football so of course a protective wardrobe is an important part of his sports wardrobe. He has taking many hits to the "boys" as a catcher and based on his complaining I went on the web to search for an alternative. That's where I found Nutty Buddy and bought the product for him. He now never hesitates to wear his Nutty Buddy and has made it clear to me that it is comfortable and highly effective (tested) protection.

He has used the Nutty Buddy for this full baseball season and martial arts all summer and will now be moving forward to wrestling season with it. I can not tell you how pleased he (and I) are with the Nutty Buddy.

I did want to point out something and ask a question. At the end of his travel baseball games he pulled the Nutty Buddy out of his shorts and his coach asked him what it was. After explaining it to him the coach called his other coaches over to see it. I was very surprised that a professional coach had never heard of the Nutty Buddy and I also felt like a salesman for Nutty Buddy as I enthusiastically described your product.
Baseball & Mixed Martial Arts
Patrick Galdonik
Brainerd, MN

Thanks for a great product! I umpire around 90 games a year. I took a 80 plus mph fastball direct last night, the batter squared to bunt and the catcher, much to my suprise bailed on me anticipating the bunt. He never touched the ball, the first and only thing that did was my Buddy. The coach called "Time" and asked if I was O.K I told him I'm fine. Doing laundry this morning, my wife asked if I gave the Nutty Buddy a workout last night. I asked her why she was asking, she showed me a one inch tear in my supporter! I said I had and that tear was pretty cool!

Thanks again for a great product, it would be very difficult to get behind the plate without your product.

Jeff A.
Texas, USA

My name is Jeff, catcher for the University of Texas at Brownsville. This is proof that the nutty buddy really works. I wore it all year, and it saved me on multiple occasions.


Robert Ward
Syracuse, NY
With the start of season yesterday, I knew before the season ends I know I will get hit in the groin area. I never expected to get hit twice on opening day. The first was the catcher was set on the outside corner and the pitch came inside - the batter hit a foul ball straight back and hit dead center. Didn't feel a thing - amazing. I know I got hit, but there was no pain. The second time was on a pitch in the dirt that the catcher missed - went under him and hit on the lower tail piece - again didn't feel a thing. Players, coaches and fans heard and saw me get hit both times, but without acknowledging the hit (because I didn't really feel it) the question of my status was "I'm good". I have been nailed in the groin several times before and have had to stop games to work through and walk o ff the pain - I'm very confident that will not be necessary any more in the future. The Nutty Buddy System works and is very comfortable to wear. Cannot speak more highly of the Nutty Buddy and will recommend to my fellow umpires! Thank you for making a piece of safety equipment that truly works and lives up to its claim!!!
Senior Umpire
District 8 Little League
Mike Turtur
As a former junior player and a current coach, you have been a huge help to my friends and I in protecting our most valuable interests. "The Nutty Buddy is the best fitting, most protective cup out there. I only feel safe when I'm wearing it!"I hope that this testimonial can be of some help to you and your company. I am a true believer in the Nutty Buddy and I truly enjoy helping out a great organization that has helped me.

Hockey Director
A. Atkinson
My son was so excited to get the Nutty Buddy in the mail today. He immediately put it on and is VERY happy with the fit and comfort. We are pleased at how quickly it was received as well. We have looked all over town for the Nutty Buddy and no one knew what I was talking about! As a last ditch effort we just googled it and there you were! We are telling our entire team/league about the Nutty Buddy! In our football league we are not required to wear a cup, but my son doesn't go onto the field without one. He has complained about it for years. It is wonderful for me, as a mom, to see him so excited about this and want to share the news of this product with his friends.Thank you for such a great product!
D. Arndt
La Porte, IN
I haven't wore a cup in 10 yrs of officiating baseball,mainly because the way they fit. I purchased your nutty buddy on monday of last week,and used it this weekend. I did 14 games from fri- sun. on saturday I started at 8 am and finished at 10pm, sunday started at 8am and fished at 6pm with 5 games in a row. wore your nutty buddy both days all day!!!!! Great product...didn't even know I had it on....thanks I'm telling everyone to watch your video.
Baseball UMP
N. Necochea
Hemet, CA
I can honestly say I have been impressed with the NuttyBuddy. I have worn it during conditioning, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The NuttyBuddy performed well in all aspects. It never came out of place, pinched or hurt me. During Muay Thai and MMA I am able to move, kick, sprawl and scramble without inhibition or discomfort. During sparring I have only taken glancing blows to the groin, however, other than the jarring force of the kick/knee, my boys were not pureed. In BJJ I have not even noticed wearing it. All the times my boys had previously been smashed into while holding my guard were no longer a problem. I have not noticed any impairment in my ability to perform any technique on the ground. For protection and performance I give a 10/10.
Read Nathan´s full review of our product on the Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts forum
Mixed Martial Arts
D. Payne II
I umpier a lot of baseball mostly 10 to 15 year olds...with 10 year olds you dont know were the ball is going to go when it is pich hit or even thron...opening night my nutty buddy got hit 3 times the last was the hardest. even the moms thought i was out for the count thanks to the nutty buddy i was there all night caling balls and stricks thanks for helping protect the boys
Baseball UMP
M. D'Angelo
Encinitas, CA
Hi I play lacrosse at Sonoma State and I am the goalie and have been hit in the nuts multiple times with shots and have only felt pain once so far and I've been wearing it for a year. I love your product and it has made my life much more pain free. Thanx.
J. Williams
San Francisco, CA
Thanks. My son has avoided wearing a cup for baseball because he never found them comfortable enough when pitching. He says the NuttyBuddy feels fine, so he's happy and I'm much less worried!
S. Kuehl
Surrey, British Columbia
Thanks again. I was actually surprised on Friday to find a real person actually taking care of business. I appreciate you spending the time on the phone with me to get the issues straightened-out. Customer satisfaction is #1.
Chris B
Boston, MA
The NB is easy to get in and out once the games start and i'm not stuck wearing it all day when the games are over and we're out for beers.  It's easyer to run in and floats well.
D. Lustberg
Georgetown, CT
By far  the best cup i've ever used.  unbelievably comfortable.  i don't even notice i'm wearing it.  with my old cups, i needed to adust it before EVERY pitch. thanks!
Baseball Softball
D. Stover
I have taken several shots to the groin before. My previous two cups before the nutty buddy(one stock cup and one shock doctor cup) were
cracked to pieces from shots. My "stuff" never actually fit in my other cups. My "boys" hung out the sides of the cups and got smashed whenever I got hit there. Those shots to the cup would put me out for at least a few minutes. I've been using the Nutty Buddy for a while now and have not experienced those pains since because its unique design actually fits my junk in it. Also, I am a goalie and I need to be able to do a split at any second, and the Nutty Buddy is great because it doesn't restrict my mobility at all. In fact, it feels like I'm not even wearing a cup. I love my NuttyBuddy and it works great. The Nutty Buddy will allow me to have kids one day.
M. Jones
I play cricket here in the UK during the summer. I am a fan of cups and jocks anyway but I have been looking for a replacement cup for a while now. The cup (box) i wear now is flatter and shaped like an upside down triangle. We play cricket all day and in the blazing summer heat the box can get quite uncomfortable and sweaty.
I wore your NuttyBuddy to my first practice in the nets last night and have to say it is brilliant. I wore it between my compression shorts and an old jock and loved it. I didnt feel like I was even wearing a cup and because it is bigger and has room for my equipment I felt so much more confident with everything protected. I have recommended it to all my team mates. It was rather odd to see it being passed around the changing room. Please promote it in the UK. We have a poor choice and your cup woudl fill the gap nicely. Plus cricket is one of the only sports where men still wear jockstraps here so you dont even have to try and convince us we need to wear a jockstrap.
Please keep up the good work. I look forward to future models of the Nutty Buddy. It would be great in different colours too. Keep me posted and ill keep checking the website.
G. Cornish
Scottsdale, AZ
I have received my Nutty Buddy and i put it on and it fits perfectly. After putting it on i'll never play with another cup. Thanks alot.
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