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Protect Your Giblets this Thanksgiving with a NuttyBuddy

Protect Your Giblets this Thanksgiving with a NuttyBuddy


This month is about more than just the giblets and cranberry sauce, or grandpa’s sweet potato casserole. No, November is really a month about gratitude for what we have. So, we’d like to make sure we outline the ‘attitude’ in gratitude—the attitude to protect your giblets.

​First, make sure you aren’t trying to stuff your turkey into the wrong sized pan—we make 5  different sizes of our Classic and 3 sizes of our Flex NuttyBuddys (the most sizes of any athletic cup company) for a reason. To ensure the proper protection, we offer a tool online to help you find the best fit, but are also happy to help with comments, questions, or concerns with sizing. We want you to be protected and comfortable, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Second, we’d like to remind you that a lot of people take the boys for granted until something happens to them in a game. Remember to be grateful for your boys, and for the parents who protected theirs so that you could make it into this world too. NuttyBuddy® is all about family, and closeness, and protecting the family jewels. So, we’d be grateful if you let us help you protect your boys.

Finally, if you haven't yet had a chance to see our recently released videos, you're going to want to check them out. (They are on our website under Videos or our social media pages) Mark Littell, aka Captain Ramrod embarks on some wacky adventures as he talks about Protecting The Boys®.

And this is just the start!

Happy Thanksgiving NuttNation!



I threw BP (batting practice) naked once. No bull. It was Stockton, CA and on this particular day, I'm tellin' ya, it was smokin'. After throwing 50 balls in the first round, I said to myself, "I gotta have some relief." That turf was hot so I just started sheddin' the clothes off my back.

Off comes the T-Shirt, next are the shorts and then I just said, "Hell with it, jock's gotta go too."  Then, of course, to make it a "Full Monty" I flipped off the shoes. 

Now there were all kinda balls flyin' around. When I yelled out for a pickup nobody wanted to pick up the balls behind the L-Screen. The guys hittin' we're always talkin' shit about gettin' naked in the clubhouse ... just a bunch of wusses.

Meet Mark Littell Inventor of NuttyBuddy

Meet Mark Littell Inventor of NuttyBuddy

Mark Littell, professional baseball player and coach for more than 30 years, inventor of the NuttyBuddy™, patented, premier athletic protective cup.

Mark was born and raised in Gideon, Missouri, a small town of 800 known for soybeans, water moccasins and the New Madrid earthquake fault. In 1971, fresh out of high school, he signed with the Kansas City Royals playing with them until he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1982, the year he received his World Series ring. Mark began coaching in 1988, as the Coach In Residence for Australia's Bi-Centennial. Then he moved to the San Diego Padres in 1989. He was with the Milwaukee Brewer's from 1992 to 1996, the Kansas City Royals from 1997 to 1998 and the Los Angeles Dodgers for the 1999 season. Mark joined the Milwaukee Brewer's in 2000 and continues to coach the game he loves so much.

As a coach, Mark’s mission was to help players hone their skills and play their best. His entrepreneurial side took over when he learned that nearly 50% of his athletes refused to wear athletic cups because they felt the cups were uncomfortable or restrictive. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, he worked with Industrial Designer, Dosun Shin, to invent The NuttyBuddy™ patented, premier athletic protective cup.

The NuttyBuddy protective athletic cup is unlike any other. It’s award- winning, patented design is anatomically shaped to conform to the male body, providing never-seen-before- levels of comfort and protection.

As Mark Littell says, “It’s all about… protecting the boys.”