Design & Safety

NuttyBuddy Athletic Cup
  • Award Winning

    Recipient of an international award from the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) and the 2010 Winner Best In Show: Awarded by Collegiate Baseball. Rather than the upside down triangle shape of devices currently on the market, the NuttyBuddy® athletic cup is anatomically shaped to the male body, which provides never-before-seen levels of comfort and protection. 

  • Multi-Sport

    Traditional athletic cups DO NOT cover the entire male genitalia. They lack the comfort and mobility that most athletes must have when playing sports. Whether you are playing baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, soccer, softball, or football the NuttyBuddy® athletic cup supporter can help protect the family jewels!

  • All-In-One Design

    The cup, jock, and shorts are designed to work together, so you don't need to leave our site and search Amazon for anything else, saving you time and money. Please note, you cannot comfortably wear or protect your boys if you do not wear a jock or pouch for the NuttyBuddy.

  • Safety First

    It's all about safety. Athletic cups are a vital piece of equipment in today’s active sports and none beats the NuttyBuddy® for comfort and protection.

    • High impact resistant (polycarbonate) material Makrolon® 2607, is the same material used in bullet resistant glass and is 4x more expensive than the plastic used in traditional cups.

    • Our NuttyBuddy protective cup can withstand the impact of anything thrown, hit or punched at you. Baseballs, pucks, lances (yep we protect the medieval reenactment jousters and fighters), MMA or any martial art etc. We even protected Ramrod when he rode Playboy (she is 1,500 pounds of pure anger).

    • Elongated tail protects under groin area

    • Patented anatomical design absorbs, then evenly distributes impact force to pubic bone