NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cup CEO Challenge

We believe our NuttyBuddy® athletic cup is the most protective cup on the market. We also back that up with our CEO CHALLENGE! - Captain Ramrod (aka Mark Littell).

Stay away from the Gonadecologist ! (not a real profession)

Captain Ramrod stars in another NuttyBuddy original video. Find out what happens when you don’t wear a NuttyBuddy, what a Dualy is and how you can Protect the Boys.

It's Like a Ferrari for your crotch!

Start spreading the news! The boys are protected today! USE it or LOSE it.

Mom Knows Best when it comes to picking the best athletic cup! - The NuttyBuddy

Listen to your mom, she knows best! And she wants grandchildren...So protect the boys with a NuttyBuddy!

A NuttyBuddy True Story! Protect those little Ramrods.

Balls or no balls, the boys need protection in all sports! Don’t take our word for it. Listen to Ramrod and a mom whose son hurt his boys in cheer practice because he wasn’t protected. With the help of the NuttyBuddy, now he is.  -The Boys

90MPH from 6' Away - A Must Watch

Back in 2011, our CEO Mark Littell was making the world a little safer by demonstrating how the NuttyBuddy athletic cup could take a shot to the groin from only 6 feet away. His videos were featured on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, ESPN, Today Show, George Lopez, and famously Fox Sports Science. Take a watch!

Drummer Boy

We definitely play to the beat of our own drum. The sound of our cup protecting your family jewels is music to our ears and better than hearing you scream! Tested for Durability and Sound.

Behind The Scenes - Mark Littell's Somersault Attempt

When your fearless leader tries to emulate a cheerleader.

Mark Littell (aka RamRod /Inventor) explains how NuttyBuddy Athletic Cup was created.- Throwback!

Captain Ramrod talks about how he created the NuttyBuddy and the name origin. Fitting that protecting down under was conceived "Down Under!" #ThrowBack

On site at one of NuttyBuddy's R&D Testing Facility - Ramrod Hanging Around:

Protecting the Boys in extreme sports?...duh-- watch this! We would never suggest you leave your boys hanging and exposed. Neither should you. Get a NuttyBuddy. -The Boys

Pick Up hazards – A NuttyBuddy Throwback Video:

Baseball is not the only "Game" where men need to protect our manhood. If you are of age, and choose to drink, we recommend you consider wearing your NuttyBuddy just in case inebriation leads to inappropriate word and action choices that result in blunt force to the boy’s downstairs.

Keep The Boys intact with a NuttyBuddy – A NuttyBuddy Throwback Video:

HIYOWWW! Protect your family jewels during competition with The NuttyBuddy Athletic Cup and System #Throwback #NuttyBuddy.